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Q:Why COREDELUXE FITNESS There are so many Equipment supplier in China why COREDELUXE FITNESS

1. Real company. For most of buyers, you can easily search suppliers from Alibaba or Google etc. But it is difficulty for most of Rookie buyer vertify the company is real exit or cheater or trading company? Do you know their background? COREDELUXE FITNESS give enough company certificate, factory information, production real photos which give you safety assurance. You can check detail in our website-Factory.

2. Quality and service. COREDELUXE FITNESS respect every single our customer. We always stand by our quality. COREDELUXE FITNESS manufacturing product according to IWF,IPF standard. COREDELUXE FITNESS take care every single manufacturing progress which assure you get best quality product. Every COREDELUXE FITNESS staff is fans of . Some of COREDELUXE FITNESS’s sales are Trainer, we train our user’s hobby care what they like, what they hate, COREDELUXE FITNESS always stand by our product.

3. Bright future. COREDELUXE FITNESS supply wide range  Equipment which give you on-stop purchasing. COREDELUXE FITNESS organize quality, shiping, new product develop etc which save you cost and time. You can easily got good quality and competitive price product from COREDELUXE FITNESS, COREDELUXE FITNESS also make very clearly position for your position for your business scale and growing future.

Q:Can we visit COREDELUXE FITNESS? Where else we can meet if we can’t come to China?

COREDELUXE FITNESS welcome you visit our factory, our gym. We welcome meet you in Sports show such FIBO, IHRAS etc. We can also fly to your country to meet your in person. Enjoy cooperation with COREDELUXE FITNESS.

Q:COREDELUXE FITNESS quality is great, I think COREDELUXE FITNESS price much higher than other supplier?

We welcome you join COREDELUXE FITNESS family and become COREDELUXE FITNESS distributor. You can Skype us on-line or email us for Distributor details. For email: sales@dlsfitness.cn or info@dlsfitness.cn. Your can enjoy many benefit after become COREDELUXE FITNESS distributor.

1. Hight quality and wide range product lines. COREDELUXE FITNESS have wide range high quality Equpment product, you don’t worry about spent expensive cost on tooling development and new product development.

2. Good warranty. COREDELUXE FITNESS always stand by our product. We have very good warranty on our product, you can get good assurance after selling our product.

3.New product. COREDELUXE FITNESS will offer best adn newest product to our COREDELUXE FITNESS distributor.

4.The individuality uniquencess, you can easily capture market with COREDELUXE FITNESS uniquencess product.

5.Marketing, COREDELUXE FITNESS cherish our brand promotion. COREDELUXE FITNESS do many marketing every year. COREDELUXE FITNESS particular world biggest sports show such as FIBO, IHRSA etc. COREDELUXE FITNESS also to do many advertisement on every country local Fitness Magazine etc. COREDELUXE FITNESS also are official sponsor for many official event.

Q:Can we get customization logo product from Coredeluxe?

Coredeluxe can offer customization logo for our valued customers. We have our designer can drawn different design in line with your ideas. We can easily bring your ideas into actual model. Embossed logo tooling will be a little bit expensive, for silk-screen customization logo, we will not charge cost or charge very lower tooling cost base on order quantity. Coredeluxe own full line silk-screen produciton lines, tooling development, laser logo punched machine etc. Coredeluxe promise can bring your idea into actual mock up design with 24 hours for free. Enjoy with the Coredeluxe Style Serivces.

Q:COREDELUXE FITNESS Quality is great, I think COREDELUXE FITNESS price must higher than other supplier?

Coredeluxe not only supply our customer high quality level product but also thinking about affordable price to end users and make sure our customer make good profit on selling coredeluxe product. How coredeluxe achieved these? Coredeluxe own completely production lines, many process are done by coredeluxe factory directly which save lots of middle link and middle agent which save profit to our customer. Coredeluxe purchase original material from oversea which make sure bulk buying to save profit to our worker are treat quality serious which assure our defect product close to Zero which save profit to our customers. Enjoy with the coredeluxe super quality and competitive price service.

Q:We are difficult source all gym equipment and control quality, does coredeluxe can do something on this?

Yes. Coredeluxe have very good outsource team, we have many senior equipment buyers can help customer buying different gym equipment which not produced in coredeluxe’s quality. Coredeluxe will carefully help you control quality and arrange shippiing details etc. Coredeluxe also stock many good gym equipment in coredeluxe’s warehouse. Hence, you can finish one-stop shopping in coredeluxe which save youer energy and cost. Enjoy with the coredeluxe valuable one-stop shopping service.