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We deluxe factory has always taken quality first as the starting point of its thinking and the foothold of its actions, and has put product quality as the top priority throughout every work link. Level responsible monitoring procedures to form a scientific orderly and complete traceable quality control system.

Deluxe factory chain-type full process supervision mechanism, includes inspection of raw and auxiliary materials before storage, supervision of production process, and after-sales tracking services, and to establish a complete product supervision system, and effectively ensure product quality.
Incoming inspection
1. Virgin Rubber Thickness Testing Learn More
2. S.S Ring OD Calibration Testing Learn More
3. Steel Inserts ID & OD Testing Learn More
4. Steel Inserts Thickness Testing Learn More
5. Steel Inserts Weight Testing Learn More
6. Steeel Hub ID & OD Testing Learn More
7. Galvanized Coating Membrane Thickness Testing Learn More
8. Steel Inserts Weight Testing Learn More
9. Package Gift Box Inspection Learn More
Process inspection
1.Silk Printing Adhesion Testing Learn More
2.Visual inspection Learn More
3.Hardness Testing Learn More
4.Adhesion Cross-Cut Test Learn More
5.Finished Products Weight Calibration Testing Learn More
6.Go-and-not go-gauge Testing Learn More
7. Internal Packing Inspection Learn More
Shipment inspection
1.Finished Product Stock Yard Learn More
2.Finished Product Shipment Loading Learn More
3.Container Seal Learn More
4.Half Container-Finished Products Load Learn More
5.Pack Slip Learn More
6. Full Container-Finished Products Loaded Learn More
1.Galvanized Steel Hub Salt Spray Testing Learn More
2.Hardness Testing Learn More
3.Rotor-less Sulphur Vulcanizing Machine Learn More
4.Sulfur Blooming Testing Learn More
5.Specific gravity test Learn More
6.Dropping Testing Learn More
7.Compression Testing Learn More
Quality training
1.Quality Control Study Learn More
2.Quality Control Preseantation Learn More
3.Site Quality Control Instruction 1 Learn More
4.Quality Control-Shipment Loading 1 Learn More
5.Quality Control-Shipment Loading 2 Learn More