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Product research and development system, adhere to product research and development, the deluxe factory has invested heavily to create a product research and development center, equipped with advanced research and development equipment, has a creative research and development team, and constantly launches new products, leading the development direction of the sports equipment industry.

Research and Development (R&D) also known as research and technical or research technological development (RTD), is a general term for activities in connection with corporate innovation. The activities that are classified as R&D differ from company to company, but there are two primary models, with an R&D department being either staffed by engineers and tasked with directly developing new products, or with industrial scientists and tasked with applied research in scientific or technological fields which may facilitate future product development. In either case, R&D differs from the vast majority of corporate activities in that it is not often intended to yield immediate profit and generally carries greater risk and an uncertain return on investment. In the meantime, we Deluxe Factory have professional research development team for you. Please choose Deluxe Factory.

1.Rotor-less Sulphur Vulcanizing Machine
2.Density & Gravity Testing Machhine
3.Salt Spray Testing Machine
4.Sulfur Blooming Testing 1
5.Sulfur Blooming Testing 2
6.Universal Material Testing Machine (Elasticity)
7.Hardness Testing Machine
8.Dropping Testing Machine
9.Compression Testing